Vasudhara (Buddhist Deity with Broken Arm)

Vasudhara (Buddhist Deity with Broken Arm)

Vasudhara, Goddess of Wealth.

“Vasudhara, yellow, with one face and six hands; in a manner happily seated at play. The first right hand is in a gesture of supreme generosity, the second ‘raining jewels,’ the third with the hand in a gesture accompanying singing. The first left holds an abundant vase, the second a sheaf of grain, the third [holds] the Prajnaparamita text; adorned with all jewel ornaments.”

This form of Vasudhara arises from the Togpa Chungwa and the Vajravali text of Abhayakaragupta.

Jeff Watt 3-2004


  • Title : Vasudhara (Buddhist Deity with Broken Arm)
  • Year : 1300 - 1399
  • Classification : Sculpture
  • Medium : Metal (Bronze), Gilt, Pigment, Stone, Wood, Lacquer
  • Dimension : L:34 W:27 H:32 B) L:18 W:18 H:7 (in CM)
  • Accession No : 70.3/ 4953 AB
  • Country/ Geo-location : Nepal
  • Culture : Buddhism
  • Museum : American Museum of Natural History
  • Acquisition Method : Acquisition Year: 1983